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Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Thu Nov 3 19:38:36 GMT 2011

Dear all
I am working on a bid for the German Ministry of the Interior. The
bidis 60% on a study on Open Government in general and 40% on
thedevelopment of a prototype of a cross federal platform. One element
ofthe platform will be a data catalogue, and guess what: we will
promoteusing CKAN. Rufus suggested asking you guys for recommendations
andhelp, so here are my questions:
- are there any documents that could be useful writing a bid?
- any thing else I should know?
Thanks for your advise!
All the best

Daniel Dietrich
The Open Knowledge FoundationPromoting Open Knowledge in a Digital
Agewww.okfn.org - www.opendefinition.org
www.ddie.metwitter.com/ddie+49 171 780 870 3

Daniel Dietrich

The Open Knowledge Foundation
Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age
www.okfn.org - www.opendefinition.org

+49 171 780 870 3

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