[ckan-discuss] Questions about CKAN as data repository

Adrian Pohl adrian.pohl at okfn.org
Wed Nov 9 15:36:38 GMT 2011


I've seen with interest that for some time now you can upload data to
thedatahub.org. Obviously the Data Hub now acts as a data repository.
I would like to have a bit more information about this step to be able
to answer questions people ask me about it. We talked about it in
yesterday's openbiblio meeting regarding the special use case that
thedatahub.org could be used for saving bibliographic datasets for the
BibServer project and collected some questions:

* How big a dataset can be uploaded to CKAN?
* When and what data should be uploaded to CKAN? When should a dataset
that is stored elsewhere just be registered? Are there some
recommendations/reflections about this anywhere?
* Is there a post about the CKAN change to a repository?

Generally, I think there are some problems with how changes like the
name (CKAN/the Data Hub) or this move to being a repository are
communicated. I think, even people who are quite interested in the
development (like me) get confused by it.


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