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David Read david.read at okfn.org
Wed Nov 30 13:07:17 GMT 2011

On 30 November 2011 12:55, Lucy Chambers <lucy.chambers at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hi Data Management expert chaps,
> Laura Newman and I went to an interesting talk yesterday about Open
> Data in academic contexts at Cambridge University.
> One of the things that was suggested to incentivise sharing and
> production of resources was to increase recognition of Datasets and
> digital materials as equal in value to a written paper.
> It was suggested that promoting the use of DOIs (http://www.doi.org/)
> may be one way to make datasets traceable, distinguishable and hence -
> citable.

Cheers for the info on DOI - I'd not heard of this before, but then
I'm not in academia.

I guess there are plenty of ways to refer to datasets. The unique URL
in CKAN is one way, a DOI is another. (Or have I missed the point

I agree that it would be useful to cross-reference CKAN's URLs with
any other system of cataloguing that takes off. The question is
whether DOI is emerging as the standard in academic data, or are there
other candidates?


> Is this something worth looking into further as part of CKAN, how we
> can support people in this?
> Apologies if this has already been raised!
> Lucy
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