[ckan-discuss] Metadata questions

Martin Kaltenböck m.kaltenboeck at semantic-web.at
Sun Jan 15 13:36:57 GMT 2012

Hi Lucy and all,

please contact Jason (Kitkat) and/or Jillian (Matthews) for more details whats going
on in the area of CKAN and Linked Open Data - there is a (small) mailing list managed by 
Sam (Leon, OKFN) about this topic in the course of the FP7 project LOD2 (http://lod2.eu)
where work on CKAN and LOD is going on - including people from University of Leipzig, DERI, SWC etc....

Furthermore there is an activity called LOD2 PUBLINK - that helps organisations (for free) to publish
Linked Open Data (deadline for 2012 ended but I am sure there are possibilities) - see: http://lod2.eu/Article/Call_2011.html
Please let these people know about Publink and redirect them to the LOD2 project for LOD questions etc - we
happy to help here!!

There is also an interesting mailing list to post questions / issues etc about LOD: lod2 at lists.okfn.org
(As OKFN is partner in the LOD2 project please do not hesitate to use the expertise of the LOD2 project team
if any questions etc on Linked Open Data are arising)

Last but not least a view links for the LOD topic :

 - LOD book - the essentials (for decision makers): http://www.semantic-web.at/LOD-TheEssentials.pdf

this PDF/book contains lots of helpful links for the LOD topic as e.g. (page 35) the following further reading section
for Linked Open Data Publishing:

How to publish Linked Data on the Web, Bizer et al: http://www4.
• Linked Data – Connect Distributed Data across the Web: http://
• Linked Data: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space, Heath
and Bizer: http://linkeddatabook.com
• Designing URI Sets for the UK Public Sector: http://
• Linked Data Patterns, Dodds & Davies: http://patterns.
• Linking Government Data, David Wood (Editor), Springer; 2011
edition (November 12, 2011), ISBN-10: 146141766X, ISBN-13:

These and other links in the book include guidance how to publish and how to consume LOD and what the benefit and potentials are - etc

AND: it is absolutely important & the right approach to pubish the data AND the respective meta data of a data set 
as LOD (linked to interesting other data sets) to offer machinereadable data & metadata for the semantic web ;-)

Hope that helps? Please do not hesitate to contact me if any questions are arising here - cheers - martin

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LOD2 - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data - http://lod2.eu/

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Subject: [ckan-discuss] Metadata questions
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Not strictly a CKAN-question, but I know there are a few metadata &
data-management experts on this list.

I've been approached by someone from the council here and she is asking
some questions I don't know the best answer to (below). Could anyone
suggest where I could best point her / what type of advice I could give
her. Would very much like to help her out and ensure her data gets

(Questions below)


"One of the 'technicalities' we are struggling with at the moment has to do
with the concept of Linked data and connecting our datasets to the wider
semantic web. How should we structure our datasets' metadata? What URI's to
use? Should we create our own URI descriptions and share, hoping other
local authorities will adopt the same?

Any suggestions on this matter are very welcome. My colleague told me about
come central repository of URI where one can register new ones. Do you know
about this?"

Lucy Chambers
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Skype: lucyfediachambers
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