[ckan-discuss] 413 Request Entity Too Large

Eddie A Tejeda eddie.tejeda at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 06:02:22 BST 2012

I am working on launching CKAN in Oakland. It's mostly installed. You can
see it here:


But I am having a few bugs I want to see if people can help me fix. When I
upload a file that's more than 2MB I get this error on the browser console:

"NetworkError: 413 Request Entity Too Large -
>  GET
> http://data.openoakland.org/api/storage/metadata/2012-07-19T044919/Malawi_release_17april2012.csv
> 404 Not Found
> 2.18s
> jquery.js (line 8102)
> "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://data.openoakland.org/api/storage/metadata/2012-07-19T044919/Malawi_release_17april2012.
I looked around for settings that would help increase file size, but I
couldn't find any. The only I found was

ckanext.storage.max_content_length = 1000000000

But by default is pretty large. Any suggestions?

 Eddie A. Tejeda
2012 Fellow, Code for America
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