[ckan-discuss] WG: CSW harvesting with ckan?

Besenfelder, Markus markus.besenfelder at gv.hamburg.de
Thu Jun 7 13:29:46 BST 2012

Hello everybody,

I'm new to the list and actually also to the topic of opendata-portals and ckan. So please excuse if I didn't get things right already...
On the site http://ckan.org/features/geospatial/ it is written that "CKAN can import major metadata schemas such as ISO19139 and GEMINI 2.1 and can handle records hosted in a variety of ways, including the geospatial CSW standard."

On the following "Geospatial Capabilities wiki page" there's no further hint to the topic csw and I couldn't find any either on other pages. So my questions are:

Is there an opportunity within ckan to harvest CSW-records from geo-metadatacatalogues? Is it planned to be implemented or is there just the ability of ckan to serve its own metadata as CSW? In case of ckan can't harvest, is it possible to import manually records in CSW or ISO19139-format?  Is this functionality available in the core-package (couldn't find it..) or is it part of the geospatial extension?

Thanks in advance


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