[ckan-discuss] New Datasets are not found by search and are not listed under its groups/tags

Christian Willmes c.willmes at uni-koeln.de
Thu May 3 15:28:13 BST 2012


I am new to CKAN so sorry for the maybe dumb question(s).
I managed to install CKAN from source and even managed to get the
ckanext-spatial running.
But I don't get new added datasets to appear in searches and under its
groups and tags, I can see those new datasets under my personal datasets
in my profile though...

Is there some additional "publish" or rights setting (I checked mostly
any checkboxes and its permutations under "Authorization" for testing)
which I dont get, to make those new datasets appear in searches and in
their groups/tags? Or is it maybe a chache issue? How can I clear the
cache if it exists?

Many thanks and regards,

Christian Willmes
AG GIS & Fernerkundung      | GIS & RS Group
Geographisches Institut     | Institute of Geography
Universität zu Köln         | University of Cologne
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 6234
Fax.: +49 (0)221 470 2280

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