[ckan-discuss] CKAN 1.7 released

Adrià Mercader adria.mercader at okfn.org
Wed May 9 18:02:24 BST 2012

Hi all,

The CKAN team is happy to announce the release of the next stable
version of CKAN, 1.7.

This version comes packed with exciting new features and UI
enhancements (and a fair amount of bug fixes too).

As usual, the new version can be installed from the apt repositories,
via PyPi or the sources on GitHub. Please refer to the documentation
for install and upgrade instructions (you may need to change 1.6 to
1.7 on some of the commands):


If you find any issue or have some comment or feedback, feel free to
send a message to this list or join us on our IRC channel (#ckan on

Here is the full change log for this release:

v1.7 2012-05-04

 * Updated SOLR schema (#2327). Note: This will require and update of
the SOLR schema file and a reindex.
 * Support for Organization based workflow, with membership determinig
access permissions to datasets (#1669,#2255)
 * Related items such as visualizations, applications or ideas can now
be added to datasets (#2204)
 * Restricted vocabularies for tags, allowing grouping related tags
together (#1698)
 * Internal analytics that track number of views and downloads for
datasets and resources (#2251)
 * Consolidated multilingual features in an included extension (#1821,#1820)
 * Atom feeds for publishers, tags and search results (#1593,#2277)
 * RDF dump paster command (#2303)
 * Better integration with the DataStore, based on ElasticSearch, with
nice helper docs (#1797)
 * Updated the Recline data viewer with new features such as better
graphs and a map view (#2236,#2283)
 * Improved and redesigned documentation (#2226,#2245,#2248)

 * Groups can have an image associated (#2275)
 * Basic resource validation (#1711)
 * Ability to search without accents for accented words (#906)
 * Weight queries so that title is more important than rest of body (#1826)
 * Enhancements in the dataset and resource forms (#1506)
 * OpenID can now be disabled (#1830)
 * API and forms use same validation (#1792)
 * More robust bulk search indexing, with options to ignore exceptions
and just refresh (#1616,#2232)
 * Modify where the language code is placed in URLs (#2261)
 * Simplified licenses list (#1359)
 * Add extension point for dataset view (#1741)

Bug fixes:
 * Catch exceptions on the QA archiver (#1809)
 * Error when changing language when CKAN is mounted in URL (#1804)
 * Naming of a new package/group can clash with a route (#1742)
 * Can't delete all of a package's resources over REST API (#2266)
 * Group edit form didn't allow adding multiple datasets at once (#2292)
 * Fix layout bugs in IE 7 (#1788)
 * Bug with Portugese translation and Javascript (#2318)
 * Fix broken parse_rfc_2822 helper function (#2314)


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