[ckan-discuss] Creating new roles

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Fri May 25 17:04:43 BST 2012

> Docs 1.5.1 mentions the possibility of creating new roles in addition
> to the defaults. But i dont see any paster command to do that, nor any
> web administration page. So can i do that?
> The objective would be to have the datasets in a site divided into
> groups. Just users of a specific authorization group would have
> permissions to add/edit datasets in the respective group.

Hey Ruben, did you make any progress with this issue? CKAN 1.7 has a new
feature called "Organizations" which is designed to do just what you
want (sort datasets into groups and set which users are allowed to edit
each group). The documentation for the new feature is here:


Maybe this will solve your problem?

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