[ckan-discuss] Registering CSW as a harvest source type

Ryan Hodges rhodges at ecotrust.org
Mon Nov 5 20:11:44 GMT 2012

Hi all,

I'm struggling to set up a basic site that can harvest spatial metadata from GeoNetwork sites using CSW.
I have CKAN [1.8], Ckanext-spatial [harvest-generic-iso], and Ckanext-harvest [master] installed.

In the browser, I can go to mysite/harvest and create new harvest jobs, but the only source type offered in the dropdown is 'CKAN'.

Is this a matter of a missing plugin, or maybe csw harvesting has to be done from command line (I haven't tried yet)?

The bits of documentation and discussion in the mailing lists has helped, but it seems like things have changed a little bit, starting with the switch to using Ckanext-spatial instead of Ckanext-csw & Ckanext-inspire.

Here are the plugins I've included so far (bit of a "shot-gun" approach):
ckan.plugins = stats harvest ckan_harvester spatial_metadata spatial_query spatial_query_widget dataset_extent_map wms_preview spatial_harvest_metadata_api cswserver gemini_harvester gemini_doc_harvester gemini_waf_harvester

ckan.spatial.validator.profiles = iso19139

Please let me know if any additional information should be provided to help with this issue.

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