[ckan-discuss] Report from the Development Data Challenge

Mark Wainwright mark.wainwright at okfn.org
Tue Sep 4 13:22:50 BST 2012

At the Development Data Challenge last week, we looked at how open
data could be used to make international aid smarter. Several
interesting ideas for re-using data came out of the weekend. My
account is on the CKAN blog[1], and there's an overview on the OKF's
main blog[2].

Much credit to PublishWhatYouFund and Mark Brough for making it
happen. The next DDC will be in Helsinki as part of OKFest[3] - see
some of you there!


[1]: http://ckan.org/2012/09/04/ddc-mapping-water-south-sudan/
[2]: http://blog.okfn.org/2012/08/31/development-data-challenge/
[3]: http://developmentdatachallenge.org/events/helsinki/

Mark Wainwright, CKAN Community Co-ordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation http://okfn.org/
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