[ckan-discuss] installation from source changed in git master

Uwe Geuder 2hsfka7m5g at snkmail.com
Thu Sep 20 15:04:39 BST 2012


Just happened to find an old unread message in my inbox:

On 29 June 2012 10:58, Sean Hammond sean-hammond-okfn-org wrote:

> About your earlier comments, it looks like we can easily get rid of
> those pyutilib-related packages and update many other packages in our
> requirements. See the pull request email I just sent to ckan-dev. If you
> can test branch 2428-audit-dependencies on CentOS, it'd be interesting
> to hear whether all the tests pass

I'm really sorry about having missed that message. It's of course bad style
first to complain that things are not perfect on your own system, but when
asked to test a patch, then there is no answer anymore...

I remember when I returning from holidays end of July the downgrades
and suspicious pyutil additions reported by me were no longer present
in master, so I was happy and forgot about the whole issue.

If I compare my pip.freeze today against a version from June everything
looks reasonable. Quite some version updates, but no downgrades. Some
new dependencies like Jinja2, but nothing questionable like 23 new pyutil

If you still want to test me something particular on CentOS 6, please
let me know.

Sorry about the late answer,

Uwe Geuder
Nomovok Ltd.
Tampere, Finland
uwe.gxuder at nomovok.com (bot check: humans correct 1 obvious spelling error)

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