[ckan-discuss] Architecture Best Practice

Marina S. Martin marina at marinamartin.com
Fri Apr 26 09:55:15 BST 2013

I am considering two scenarios for a multi-department deployment and would
like to hear from others on the pros/cons of each.

In the first scenario, each department has its own instance of CKAN.

In the second scenario, I run one central CKAN, with multiple organizations
turned on and each department using a different organization.

Many of my departments have significant customization needs in terms of
fields/facets -- generally around 300 custom fields each. These custom
fields do not overlap, so if I'm using one central CKAN, this would add
thousands of fields to the schema. I imagine this would cause performance

I am also concerned that letting multiple organizations share one CKAN
means that adding extensions or customizations that just *one* organization
needs becomes a really tall order, and one organization deploying a
potentially broken extension puts all other users at risk.

That said, it would be great from an ongoing maintenance perspective to
only have to maintain one central CKAN instead of 50 different

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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