[ckan-discuss] Complete deletion of a resource

Stéphane Guidoin stephane at opennorth.ca
Fri Aug 23 01:17:52 BST 2013


*Short version*: Is there a way to fully delete an uploaded resource so
that even the file cannot be accessed anymore?

*Long version*: From what I can see (CKAN 2.0), deleting an uploaded
resource via the web admin (or re-upload the same file) does not delete the
file. It just makes that the web page of the resource link the new
resource. But if someone, for a reason or another, has a direct link to the
file, that person might continue to propagate the "deleted" file.

Example: I create a ressource:

for a reason or another, I need to replace that resource or delete it. For
example, I try to reupload it. The new resource linked on the CKAN page is
But the old one
is still accessible for someone who would have kept the URL or using it.
Obviously, we would prefer a good old 404...

The obvious case is for a file who would have some errors and where you
absolutely want that nobody uses that file, the current delete or reupload
will not make it. The only option I see is to manually erase the file in
the DB which is something we would like to avoid because it is obviously a
risky business to directly manipulate the DB content.

So, did I miss something? Is there a way to completely erase a resource?

Thank you

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