[ckan-discuss] Running celery beat in CKAN

Pabitra Dash pkdash_reena at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 30 20:01:58 BST 2013

Hello everyone,
I have created some tasks in my extension that I want to run at a regular interval. I assume for that I have to depend on 'celery beat' of the Celery module. I am not sure how to start the celery beat process to be used by CKAN. I can start celeryd using paster command. But not sure how to start the celery beat task scheduler process. The celeryd command with option -B suppose to start the celery beat process but there is no paster command to do that. If I run "celeryd -B" without paster, celery tries to connect to a wrong broker not the one set in the celery_app.py file in CKAN.
Any help on this would be highly appreciated. 

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