[ckan-discuss] Groups -> themes?

Mark Wainwright mark.wainwright at okfn.org
Mon Dec 9 21:38:40 UTC 2013

> I think it's quite messy to have this with one major feature, having it
> with two or three would be really messy. Imagine having to always
> remember (and explain to new CKAN developers) that datasets are also
> called packages, themes are also called groups, and publishers are also
> called organizations.

On the other hand, developers are few compared with users who only
ever see the UI. I agree your argument has weight, but against it is
the point about translations. At the moment the opaque words 'Groups'
and 'Organisations' are faithfully but uselessly translated into 50
odd languages. The advantage of using a good word is that any instance
that keeps it is accessible in a large number of languages.

One possibility, which I referred to semi-facetiously above but is
perhaps not so silly, is to allow a few fixed possibilities as config
options, depending how you're using CKAN: [Group | Theme | Category]
and [Organization | Publisher | Department].


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