[ckan-discuss] CKAN 2.0.1 released

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Wed Jun 12 22:19:33 BST 2013

> I would like to upgrade my 2.0 version installed from source. Excuse
> my ignorance, but is there an update command, or do I set up a new
> pyenv and install the new version in it and copy my development.ini
> over? Do I need to run a migrate script for the ckan or datastore
> databases?

Hey, checkout the new upgrading docs:


they cover source installs as well. You don't have to create a new
pyenv, you can just git pull and checkout the new release in your
existing pyenv. For a patch release like 2.0.1, you don't need to run
any database migration scripts.

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