[ckan-discuss] CKAN and DCAT

p.romain at cg33.fr p.romain at cg33.fr
Thu Jun 20 11:50:20 BST 2013

I post this message in the discussion list although there are technical 
aspects linked to it.

With the release of the G8 opendata charter (
https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/open-data-charter) and the G8 
metadata mapping, a general guideline seems to be emerging from the 
opendata community. 
It echoes the work undergoing at the european commission on the DCAT 
implementation profile (
I tried to map the good practicies contained in this checklist 
http://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata with the CKAN-DCAT mapping and 
found that CKAN is a very natural candidate for this implementation 

good pratice                                                    SDO  DCAT  
http://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata/criteria/20941/ sdo:description  
dcterms:description     dcterms:description
sdo:datePublished       dcterms:issued          dcterms:created 
http://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata/criteria/20945/ sdo:inLanguage  
http://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata/criteria/20963/  dcterms:license 
sdo:dateModified        dcterms:modified        dcterms:modified 
https://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata/criteria/20944/ sdo:publisher  
dcterms:publisher       dcterms:publisher 
sdo:spatialCoverage     dcterms:spatial         dcterms:spatial
http://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata/criteria/20965/ sdo:about 
dcat:theme              dcterms:subject 
http://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata/criteria/20941/ sdo:name 
dcterms:title           rdfs:label 
http://checklists.opquast.com/en/opendata/criteria/20954/ sdo:version 
dcat:catalogRecord      radion:version 

CKAN was build from the beginning with the DCAT model in mind and offers a 
natural mapping between the values field in the dataset and resources 
forms and a DCAT record (just append .rdf at the end of each dataset url)
However in the distribution I use (1.7.2) the RDF dump that produces an 
rdf export of the entire catalogue only produces single record exports
(when issuing the paster -plugin=ckan rdf-export 

So my question are : 
- Is there a way to define metadata for a ckan catalogue (extracted from 
the production.ini file for example with other sources of information) ?
- Could the revisions stored in CKAN be exported as dcat:catalogRecord ?
- Is there a way to export the entire catalogue as a single dcat:catalogue 
file ?

Pascal Romain


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