[ckan-discuss] Function that controls which fields to be posted

Yanning(Yu) Chen cheny18 at rpi.edu
Tue Mar 12 03:27:10 GMT 2013

Hi folks, 

I've been working on an extension to customize the field when user is registering a dataset. Unlike the example extension, I want to add a field at the 1/3 phase where user are asked to fill in some basic info. The related html should be package_basic_fields.html. I initially follow the tutorial on customizing the field and successfully stored the field added in new_package_metadata.html, but can't get the fields in the 1/3 phase stored. When I look into the _parsed_post_vars from the WSGI variables, my customized fields is not being posted. 

So my question is in which file can I configure the filter/validator on which fields to be posted and stored? I don't quite understand why it works on the "adding metadata" section but not on "adding basic data section"? 



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