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Hi CKAN team and supporters

The Libre software meeting will take place in Bruxels from the 6th to the 
11th of July and I think it would be great if someone from the OKFN team 
would be able to do a presentation about CKAN.
Other speakers can also propose a paper related to open data projects or 
open source tools.

You will find below the details

Call for papers
LSM is a non-commercial cycle of conferences, round tables and practical 
workshops based on Libre Software and its uses in an atmosphere that is 
convivial and noncommercial

2013 edition
Brussels is a multilingual city, so three languages will be used during 
talks: English, French, and Dutch. English will be encouraged for 
technical talks. 
Talks and workshops will be run in concurrent sessions. For this 14th 
edition, there will be nine main topics, some of which encompass several 
Open data 
Free mapping with OpenStreetMap 
Citizen participation and data reuse 

For your convenience our programme matrix has four main cross-cutting 
issues that may transcend themes: 
Everyday Freedom 
Societal issues 
Open data 
Each talk or workshop will address one or more specific audience type(s): 
Decision makers 
The deadline for submission is 31 Avril 2013. 
The list of accepted presentations will be announced 15 May 2013. 
Terms of participation in conferences and workshops
Languages: English (preferred), French, Dutch. 
Duration: slots of 20 minutes which can be combined, most frequent 
duration is 40 minutes. 
Your submissions: You can submit your proposals for conferences and 
workshops on the appropriate topic before the deadline of 31 Avril 2013. 
Equipment at your disposal for conferences and workshops : a video 
projector, power outlets (220V) and Internet access (Wi-Fi). 
Submissions format
Topic for which you submit your proposal. 
Title, in your language, in English / French and if possible in Dutch. 
Please assign your submission to any appropriate selections of our four 
cross-cutting themes. 
Select also the kind of audience you target with your submission 
A summary of your submission in your language and in English/French to 
help us evaluate your submission content 
A biography of the author in your language and in English/French to help 
us evaluate the experience of the speaker in the topic area 
Digital archiving of the presentation on our Website
Digital versions of presentations and other useful materials are requested 
for publication online. They will build up archives useful to the entire 
community. The format of these documents must be in an open format and 
content under a free license. 
Please specify the kind of free licenses you want to use for these 
Talks will be recorded during the event and later be put online for RMLL 
archives. Tell us if you consent to this recording. 
If you are OK with the recording of your talk, please tell us the kind of 
free licenses you want us to use when we put your video online. 

Travel assistance for speakers
Transportation: speakers (or their partners) are normally to bear the cost 
of their transportation. However, in certain specific cases and within its 
budget, the LSM can reimburse some speakers. Note: Our budget being 
limited, the LSM will favor people with limited income and without 
alternative solutions. 
Accommodations: Lodging in Brussels is not included in your entrance fee. 
However we can suggest lodging options for all budgets, as has 
traditionally been done in past years. 

Pascal Romain
Co-organisator theme opendata


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