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sudo apt-get install solr-jetty

don't work

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> Today's Topics:
>    1. call for CKAN presentation and open source tools for      opendata
>       (p.romain at cg33.fr)
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> Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 09:57:03 +0100
> From: p.romain at cg33.fr
> Subject: [ckan-discuss] call for CKAN presentation and open source
>         tools for       opendata
> To: ckan-discuss at lists.okfn.org
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> Hi CKAN team and supporters
> The Libre software meeting will take place in Bruxels from the 6th to the
> 11th of July and I think it would be great if someone from the OKFN team
> would be able to do a presentation about CKAN.
> Other speakers can also propose a paper related to open data projects or
> open source tools.
> You will find below the details
> Call for papers
> LSM is a non-commercial cycle of conferences, round tables and practical
> workshops based on Libre Software and its uses in an atmosphere that is
> convivial and noncommercial
> 2013 edition
> Brussels is a multilingual city, so three languages will be used during
> talks: English, French, and Dutch. English will be encouraged for
> technical talks.
> Talks and workshops will be run in concurrent sessions. For this 14th
> edition, there will be nine main topics, some of which encompass several
> subtopics:
> Open data
> Free mapping with OpenStreetMap
> Citizen participation and data reuse
> For your convenience our programme matrix has four main cross-cutting
> issues that may transcend themes:
> Everyday Freedom
> Societal issues
> Open data
> Cloud
> Each talk or workshop will address one or more specific audience type(s):
> Public
> Professionals
> Decision makers
> Geeks
> Timing
> The deadline for submission is 31 Avril 2013.
> The list of accepted presentations will be announced 15 May 2013.
> Terms of participation in conferences and workshops
> Languages: English (preferred), French, Dutch.
> Duration: slots of 20 minutes which can be combined, most frequent
> duration is 40 minutes.
> Your submissions: You can submit your proposals for conferences and
> workshops on the appropriate topic before the deadline of 31 Avril 2013.
> Equipment at your disposal for conferences and workshops : a video
> projector, power outlets (220V) and Internet access (Wi-Fi).
> Submissions format
> Topic for which you submit your proposal.
> Title, in your language, in English / French and if possible in Dutch.
> Please assign your submission to any appropriate selections of our four
> cross-cutting themes.
> Select also the kind of audience you target with your submission
> A summary of your submission in your language and in English/French to
> help us evaluate your submission content
> A biography of the author in your language and in English/French to help
> us evaluate the experience of the speaker in the topic area
> Digital archiving of the presentation on our Website
> Digital versions of presentations and other useful materials are requested
> for publication online. They will build up archives useful to the entire
> community. The format of these documents must be in an open format and
> content under a free license.
> Please specify the kind of free licenses you want to use for these
> documents.
> Videos
> Talks will be recorded during the event and later be put online for RMLL
> archives. Tell us if you consent to this recording.
> If you are OK with the recording of your talk, please tell us the kind of
> free licenses you want us to use when we put your video online.
> Travel assistance for speakers
> Transportation: speakers (or their partners) are normally to bear the cost
> of their transportation. However, in certain specific cases and within its
> budget, the LSM can reimburse some speakers. Note: Our budget being
> limited, the LSM will favor people with limited income and without
> alternative solutions.
> Accommodations: Lodging in Brussels is not included in your entrance fee.
> However we can suggest lodging options for all budgets, as has
> traditionally been done in past years.
> Best,
> Pascal Romain
> Co-organisator theme opendata
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