[ckan-discuss] Ckan 2.0: Adding datasets to groups that you are not a part of

Bracco, Frank - FIN Frank.Bracco at houstontx.gov
Fri May 3 17:29:04 BST 2013

Hi all,

I was hoping to get some feedback here. The City of Houston and Code for Houston are trying to implement an open data portal for the region. The gameplan we're discussing is for each government entity to be an organization with its own permissions while groups would be topical areas (like GIS, Environmental, Public Safety, etc.) and Departmental based catalogs of the datasets. Anyone in any of the organizations (or not in an organization who happens to have an account) could add their dataset to any one of the groups. In the CKAN demo site, any user can add a dataset to a group:

*         See this dataset I added to the CKAN4RDM-test group:  http://demo.ckan.org/dataset/test14

*         You can also see I'm not a member of that group (there is only one member): http://demo.ckan.org/group/members/ckan4rdm-test

Over on our installation, however, I cannot add datasets to groups that weren't created by me (http://data.codeforhouston.com). We've tried adding logged_in as an editor and admin to the groups, but that doesn't seem to be solving the problem. Is there some sort of patch that needs to be added or default setting in a config file that needs to be changed. I know there is an outstanding issue to make it easier to find the permissions page for groups (https://github.com/okfn/ckan/issues/844) but that still doesn't seem to add the problem we're experiencing over on our side.

Thanks for any feedback you might be able to provide,

Frank C. Bracco
City of Houston
Finance Department
Frank.Bracco at houstontx.gov<mailto:Frank.Bracco at houstontx.gov>
w:(832) 393-9093

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