[ckan-discuss] Announcing CKAN 2.0

Mark Wainwright mark.wainwright at okfn.org
Mon May 13 13:05:44 BST 2013

Hi all,

Today we are very happy and excited to announce the final release of
CKAN 2.0. This is the most significant piece of CKAN news since the
project began, and represents months of hectic work by the team and
other contributors since before the release of version 1.8 last
October, and of the 2.0 beta in February. Thank you to the many CKAN
users for your patience – we think you’ll agree it’s been worth the

CKAN 2.0 is a significant improvement on 1.x versions for data users,
programmers, and publishers. Enormous thanks are due to the many
users, data publishers, and others in the data community, who have
submitted comments, code contributions and bug reports, and helped to
get CKAN to where it is. Thanks also to OKF clients who have supported
bespoke work in various areas that has become part of the core code.
These include data.gov, the US government open data portal, which will
be re-launched using CKAN 2.0 in a few weeks.

CKAN 2.0 introduces a new sleek default design, and easier theming to
build custom sites. It has a completely redesigned authorisation
system enabling different departments or bodies to control their own
workflow. It has more built-in previews, and publishers can add custom
previews for their favourite file types. News feeds and activity
streams enable users to keep up with changes or new datasets in areas
of interest. A new version of the API (previously available beta)
enables other applications to have full access to all the capabilities
of CKAN. And there are many other smaller changes and bug fixes.

For full details, see the blog post:


If you're in a hurry to try it out, head over to demo.ckan.org where
you can see it in action!

Mark Wainwright

Business development and user engagement manager
The Open Knowledge Foundation
Empowering through Open Knowledge
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