[ckan-discuss] New spec for CKAN "related items" (data reuses) feature

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at okfn.org
Wed Feb 5 17:25:42 UTC 2014

Hi all,

We're thinking about rewriting CKAN's "related items" feature, and I've
put together an initial spec for the new version of the feature on this
wiki page, which I'd like to invite people to comment on:


As you can see there are still quite a lot of open questions there.

I'd like to flesh out this page a little more, add some screenshots of
the current implementation, add screenshots of real-world use-cases (for
example data.glasgow.gov.uk has a "data stories" feature that could be
done with CKAN's related items), and of course flesh out the spec for
the new version of the feature with answers to all the open questions,
design mockups for the pages, etc.

Any edit/comments/additions are welcome, either in this email thread or
by editing the wiki page itself.

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