[ckan-discuss] How to deal with frequently changing file

Stéphane Guidoin stephane at opennorth.ca
Tue Jan 21 18:36:39 UTC 2014


I would like to get some opinions on how to deal with "frequently"
generated files and how CKAN deals with resources.

Based on my tests, when we ask CKAN to delete a resource, the file still
stay there (so someone who linked the file directly will still be able to
access it even though it is not visible on CKAN). From what I see, there is
no real to "replace" a file.

So let's consider a file that is generated every week (it is not
incremental, it's always the same file, same content, but updated).

If we want to manage that directly in CKAN (filestore), I would have to
delete the previous file and upload the new. To avoid drive saturation, we
would have to do another script that searches for orphans file and purge
them. Am I wrong? that's obviously not an elegant way of doing it. Is there
some people on the mailing list who manage such case?

I guess the ideal option would be to avoid the filestore, put the file
"somewhere else" and just use CKAN to link the resource. But it means that
CKAN does not manage the resource by himself....


Stéphane Guidoin
Director, Transportation
Open North
Twitter: @opennorth / @hoedic
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