[ckan4rdm] Short introduction of project EDaWaX

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Have you seen the work being done for the EU Engage project 
Paper presented at CRIS2012 in Prague - looking at mapping CKAN to CERIF; the latter having a very well developed set of structured entities and relationships between them.



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On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 12:39:11PM +0300, Hendrik Bunke wrote:
> Partly, yes. But there are other issues. One of the most
> important for us is that CKAN lacks proper metadata schemes. In
> our scenario CKAN will mainly be the discovery (or cataloguing)
> tool. But to do so sufficiently we need more fields for metadata.
> In addition, these fields should be based on a standardised
> schema, like Datacite, da|ra or even DDI. That's what we will try
> to do with our extension which I've described in step 3. CKAN.

We've been implementing a DDI(2) harvesting feature for CKAN, but that's
not yet nearly clean enough to publish officially.

What I find especially lacking in CKAN is to have some place to put
metadata not of the dataset/resource itself but rather various other
related concepts, such as researchers (referring to authors by name not
identifier is a bad practice IMO), variables within data, and data
lifecycle events.


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