[ckan4rdm] EUDAT using CKAN as metadata repository and search portal

Heinrich Widmann widmann at dkrz.de
Tue Dec 10 14:42:58 UTC 2013

Dear all,

as newcomer on this mailing list I would like to introduce ourselves and 
how we use CKAN in the project EUDAT.

EUDAT is a EU funded project that aims a pan-European, interdisciplanary 
common data infrastructure for research communities.
For details see eudat.eu .

Within EUDAT we use CKAN as repository and portal for metadata search 
and access. For the pilot frontapage see

We are very interested to exchange experiences and solutions with other 
research projects using CKAN.
If you have any further question about our project please contact me 
(widmann at dkrz.de) or Hannes Thiemann (thiemann at dkrz.de).

One of our most challenging tasks is the maintenance of up to millions 
of datasets and the scalability issues caused by this.
E.g. we hope that the bad performance of action 'group_list' on large 
groups (one CKAN group(=EUDAT community) may contain hundred thousends 
of datasets)  in CKAN2.1 will be fixed in CKAN2.2.

Looking forward to discussing this and other issues (and solutions :-) ) 
with you,

Heinrich Widmann              \\ Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH
Phone: +49 40 460094 282       \\   Abteilung Datenmanagement
FAX:   +49 40 460094 270        \\    Bundesstr. 45a
Email: widmann at dkrz.de           \\   D-20146 Hamburg
http://www.dkrz.de                \\  Germany

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