[ckan4rdm] Welcome to the CKAN4RDM list

Joss Winn jwinn at lincoln.ac.uk
Tue Mar 12 13:44:19 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Thanks for subscribing to this mailing list. I assume most of you are here
following the workshop in London last month.


A special welcome to anyone that missed the workshop but is keen to
discuss the use of CKAN within higher education* and more specifically,
for research data management.

Since the workshop, some JISC-funded RDM projects have sent me their own
requirements documents and I will aggregate everything, including the
workshop exercise, into a single 'requirements, gap analysis, and
constraints' document, appended to my paper. I plan to spend April working
on the conference paper, which will be presented at the OpenAIRE/LIBER
workshop in Belgium
(http://www.openaire.eu/component/content/article/450?lang=en) and the
IASSIST conference a couple of days later (http://www.iassist2013.org). I
will share a draft of the paper with this list by the end of April and
welcome your comments.

At Lincoln, we're currently finishing off our basic deposit workflow
ecords-to-the-lincoln-repository-workflow/) and waiting on an upgrade to
our ePrints repository so we can plug it all together. All the Orbital
functions are in place, we just need an upgraded repository to send the
deposit record to!

We're also looking forward to CKAN v2.0 to be released, hopefully before
the end of our project (April 30th) when we'll move Orbital/CKAN off of
our R&D server and onto two production servers run by central IT.

If any of you are actively working with CKAN in any capacity, do let us
know and share your experiences.

All the best,

* You may be aware of the http://data.ac.uk initiative. I think government
will increasingly look to that initiative to lead efforts to publish open
data within the HE sector. HEIs will soon be expected to publish open data
in a systematic, useful and open way, as national and local government are
being asked to do. CKAN clearly has a role for this too, which we might
discuss here. Recent changes to the ICO Publications Scheme now requires
HEIs to openly publish quite extensive institutional data in "re-usable
formats and licences"

See http://lncn.eu/djz5 and http://lncn.eu/efr7 << both PDFs

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