[datacatalogs] Tracking DataCatalogs Activity

Ramine Tinati rt506 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Oct 17 19:31:17 UTC 2011

Hi Richard,

The xml file is constructed through a small script that I wrote, which
utilises the CKAN API which datacatalogs.org uses to gather the metadata for
each of the catalogs.

The XML format, based on OAI is then fed into ROAR. The script is ran at a
set interval, which in turn updates the xml file, and finally ROAR will
refresh the record.


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Hi Ramine,

On 17 Oct 2011, at 19:02, Ramine Tinati wrote:
> Since the release of datacatalogs.org, I've been tracking the deposit
activity using a tool that we have developed in the University of
Southampton (Electronics and Computer Science department), The aim is to
provide a visible indication of the dataset growth.
> You can view the datacatalogs.org activity here:
> This will update monthly, showing the new catalogs added.
> I hope you find this useful.

It is interesting to see datacatalogs.org - a catalog of data catalogs - as
a record in a registry of repositories. My head hurts ;-)

I see this uses data from here:

Can you tell us a bit about this URL? What exactly is it and how is it made?


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