[ddj] data-journalism how-to tutorials (with demo clips!)

Momoko Price momoko at buzzdata.com
Tue Oct 18 13:59:35 UTC 2011

Hi guys,

So as part of my own motivation to keep learning and using new #ddj tools
and honing my data workflow, I've begun posting weekly how-to tutorials for
probing/analyzing/visualizing data on the BuzzData blog.

Thought I'd share the first with you — a very basic step-by-step guide that
goes through best practices for taking an Excel sheet with lots of data,
whittling it down to what you need with a Pivot Table and then graphing it
in a clear, organized manner:


The plus-side to these tutorials is that I'm actually using government open
data that hasn't been mined before, so it's kind of neat to find out real
trends/findings in the data as you go along :)

RTs and linking to these would be very welcome, and just fyi, I will be
publishing a new one (always with demo clips) every Monday or Tuesday from
here on.

Also — I am well aware that there are some skills that could be better
taught by others than me (visualizing with R certainly comes to mind), so if
you would like to guest-blog a tutorial on our blog, or just contribute some
tips, that would be very awesome.

Comments on how to improve are also always welcome :) Cheers!


P.S. Will be online from 6-9 EST tonight finishing up this week's Stanford
db-class.org assignments here: hipchat.com/ghnfGs6n0

I'm pretty much done them except for a few relational algebra quiz q's, so
if you're stuck I can probably help!


Momoko Price
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