[ddj] Hi everyone

Mirko mirko.lorenz at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 8 06:46:20 UTC 2011

Not that sure whether this should go here, but anyway: Tim McNamara
has posted an article describing how (and why) to use SQL when asking
journalistic questions. While the coding itself goes beyond my current
understanding the structure of the article provides a bit of a
blueprint how setting up a database, filling it with data from a
source and then executing queries makes sense and reveals patterns.
Maybe you'll find this helpful, too:


On Oct 8, 8:06 am, Mirko <mirko.lor... at googlemail.com> wrote:
> So, the number of people enrolled is now up to 58.000, with people
> from all over the world. I find it notable that there seems to be such
> a big, hidden demand for knowledge about DBMS, plus that so far such a
> distant learning training has not been tried.
> Looking forward to working with all of you, helping each other. Let's
> try to get an "A" and not just fade away (which is the biggest concern
> that I have about myself).

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