[ddj] Fwd: [NICAR-L] PANDA Project 1.0 released!

Liliana Bounegru bounegru at ejc.net
Wed Aug 1 19:37:38 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

I thought you might be interested to check out this data library and search
engine for newsrooms, PANDA 1.0, which has been released today. More
details below.

All the best,


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From: Christopher Groskopf <staringmonkey at gmail.com>
Date: 1 August 2012 19:06
Subject: [NICAR-L] PANDA Project 1.0 released!
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Today we've released PANDA Project 1.0!

For new features, installation instructions and other details about
the release, please read our launch announcement:


If you have been waiting for PANDA to stabilize before using it in
your newsroom then now is the time to get started! Not sure if you
need a PANDA? Read how PANDA can help your reporting on our "Welcome
to PANDA!" page:


As always, we eagerly await your feedback and bug reports.

Chris (& The PANDA Project Team)

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