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Dear all,

For those of you based in the US this paid internship at The Dallas Morning
News might be of interest.

All the best,


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Hi, here is something I hope will be of interest to recent grads. If
you know anyone who might be a good candidate, please pass it on.

Data journalism internship
The Dallas Morning News is looking for a three month, fall data
journalism intern to work on gathering, analyzing and presenting data.
 We are looking for someone with an interest in data who has worked on
their school paper and/or held past internships at a news
organization, but also would consider motivated candidates with strong
data and programming skills who lack prior journalism experience.

As part of the projects and enterprise team, the intern will work on
gathering, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data for a variety of
purposes including newsroom resources, breaking news, investigations
and interactive databases. The intern will have the opportunity to
contribute regularly to the DMN Investigates blog.

Experience with any of the following is a plus: SQL, Excel forumulas,
programming, statistics, public records and writing good ledes.

Interested candidates should e-mail Maud Beelman, deputy managing
editor for projects and enterprise, mbeelman at dallasnews.com

Daniel Lathrop
News Apps Editor
The Dallas Morning News
206.718.0349 (cell)

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