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Judith Argila magnoliasblancas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 15:28:34 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I work at TV3, a public TV corporation in Catalonia, Spain. Last Thursday
we launched an electoral visualization project based on Twitter data: *"El
Tuitòmetre del 324.cat"*  (The Twittermetre of 324.cat, in english):


With a difficult economic situation, here in Catalonia we are approaching a
critical elections on the 25th of November, that somwhow could determine
whether Catalonia will try to get the independence from Spain - or not.
Economics, nationalism and social cuts mix up in speeches, with different
approaches depending who you ask.

Our visualization collects the tweets around the topic on Twitter, and
classifies them depending on:

- who has generated the tweet: a party, a candidate or a citizen.
- what is the specific topic of the tweet
- when it has been published

With that information, we build a treemap with the main topics of the
debate, that can be checked by author and date. We also added tag clouds
and most retwitted tweets for each cathegory, as well as some news that may
help to contextualize why the debate is evolving in a especific way.

Hope you find it interesting. Any feedback will be extremely welcomed :)

Judith Argila
Serveis Interactius, TV3
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