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Dwight Hines dwight.hines at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 01:56:36 UTC 2012

Hanna wrote: "Also, I wanted to mention that if you have a suggestion for a
tool that you would like to see reviewed, a specific article topic, a
tutorial that might be useful, or if there is someone that you would like
to see interviewed on DataDrivenJournalism.net let us know and we will try
to make it happen."
Dear Ms. McLean:

We need to develop some objective measures of accuracy and completeness of
newspaper coverage of small town government meetings in Maine, USA.

We have been videotaping the meetings and now have about 18 one hour tapes
that we want to compare to the newspaper articles about the meeting.

First problem is that manual transcription is a pain and costly.  Does
anyone have suggestions on how to reduce costs by sampling or using some
automated voice recognition software to pre-process the video content?

Second problem is how best to analyze the content of the tapes and
published articles to have a reliable, valid, and generalizable set of

Any suggestions would be appreciated and I believe there are many many
small towns with weak newspaper coverage that would benefit from such a

Dwight Hines
Maine, USA
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