[ddj] Data Journalism Hackathon at OK Fest, Friday 21/9

Antti Poikola antti.poikola at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 10:35:37 UTC 2012

Hello ddj -people,

I've been absent from this list few months while working hard for the 
coming Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki. Sorry for repetion, if this 
information has beed circulated here already.

OKfestival will be organized in Helsinki 17th-22nd September and there 
will be extensive programme about Data Journalism and Data Visualization 

Main days for Datajournalism are Tuesday 18th, when Simon Rogers and 
Farida Vis among others are having presentations. Hans Rosling is havig 
his keynote on Thursday and on Friday there will be Datajournalism 
Hackathon[2] organized in collaboration with the biggest Finnish News 
Paper Helsingin Sanomat.

The tickets to the OKfestival will be sold out, but they are not yet 
sold out :) Participation to the Friday hackathon is free of charge 
(even lunch is served) and festival ticket is not needed, see the 
invitation  at the end of this email.

[1] http://okfestival.org/data-journalism-and-visualisation/
[2] http://okfestival.org/hs-open-datajournalism-hackathon/

Best regards,
Antti Poikola
open data / data journalism advocate


Somalia is the most failed state in the world and Finland is the least 
failed, says the Failed State Index compiled by Foreign Policy and Fund 
for Peace foundation.

How would you visualize this data set? What would you add to it?

To find out, Join HS Open - the Data Journalism Hackathon at Open 
Knowledge Festival. Hackathon is organized by leading daily newspaper of 
Scandinavia and it's sixth in a series of hackathons.

Participants are divided into groups of three: one coder, one graphic 
designer and one journalist will make a working News App from scratch to 
final. You'll meet interesting people and learn new things.

Sign up here: http://okfestival.org/hs-open-datajournalism-hackathon/

Esa Mäkinen
Antti Poikola

+358 44 337 5439
about.me/apoikola <http://about.me/apoikola>
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