[ddj] Climbing the d3.js stack

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Mon Aug 12 20:32:09 UTC 2013

Thanks Tony. Have been wondering about the ecosystem for a little bit
On 13/08/2013 4:30 AM, "Tony.Hirst" <Tony.Hirst at open.ac.uk> wrote:

> Much as I suspect many of us would like to be able to create rich
> interactive d3.js powered visualisations from the d3.js library itself, the
> overheads of learning how to use d3.js effectively are likely to prevent
> many of us from getting very far at all.
> However, all is not lost, because there is an increasing number of tools
> that allow us to use d3.js components in a far more direct way, from
> Javascript libraries that use d3.js to build "common" chart types (such as
> line charts or bar charts), as well as more specialised charts (such as
> realtime time series displays, crosslinked filters, or netwrok diagrams).
> And you donlt even need to be a Javascript programmer to be able to create
> d3js powered webpages - libraries in R and Python can generate that side of
> the code for you.
> I've popped a quick post up on to the School of Data blog describing the
> emerging d3.js stack, at least as it appears to me:
> http://schoolofdata.org/2013/08/12/climbing-the-d3-js-visualisation-stack/
> If you know of any libraries that are missing, or other layers of the
> stack that you think need to be added, please let me know via a comment ot
> that post:-)
> tony
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