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Hi Rebecca,

This data was gathered by some young reporters who went through a stringent
Freedom of Information request process with the Department of Immigration
and Citizenship (ministry of the Australian federal government). Because
Serco was a major contractor with the government in this process they were
obliged to comply with FOI requests.

Being statistically blunt: the increase in incidents is due to an increase
in population at the migrant detention centres. This means more boat people
that arrived seeking asylum were incarcerated. Many have weighed into why
this might be the case. I have kept trying to write an analysis for
internationals to better understand but am left without words that are
adequate. This situation is over-politicised and I can't even begin to
answer the simple question you asked - a data question - without feeling it
is impossible to describe. Are there more people because the world got
shittier? Or did Australia just get shittier? Hmm.

For Andrew's question:

We have an in-house data team who are the brains, brawn and beauty behind
this dataviz:
BJ Rossiter
Jamie Ferguson
Mark Finger



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