[ddj] Tableau Desktop free for journalists

Tommy Kaas tommybirchkaas at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 12:49:09 UTC 2013


It might interest some on this list, that the visualization software
Tableau Desktop now is free for journalists with a membership to
Investigative Reporters and Editors. (www.ire.org)

It's a great organisations,and even if you are not interested in this
particular software, you should become a member anyway. They have a lot to

But should you be interested in getting Tableau Desktop, this is a bargain.
The IRE membership is 70$ for one year. (Less if you sign up for more than
one year)

And the regular price for Tableau Desktop is 999$ according to their

More here:

BTW: If someone know how to import polygons (shapefile, kml etc.) to
Tableau Desktop, I would like to know.


Tommy Kaas
Kaas & Mulvad
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