[ddj] Poderopedia open oruce platform released

Miguel Paz ohmyblog at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 15:48:07 UTC 2013

Hi everybody
We just released @poderopedia platform for making your own crunchbase.
It`s open source and we would love it if you give a try and see what
you can do.  All you need to know in this blog post
Code: https://github.com/poderopedia/plug-and-play-1.0-RC

A few real use examples:
-NewsStack, an Africa News Challenge Winner, will use it for a
pan-African investigation by 10 media organizations into the
continent’s extractive industries.
-Newsrooms from Europe and Latin America want to use it to make their
own public searchable databases of entities, reuse their archive to
develop new information products, provide context to new stories and
make data visualizations—something like making their own Crunchbase.

Other ideas:
-Use existing data to make searchable databases and visualizations of
congresspeople, bills passed, what they own, who funds them, etc.
-Map lobbyists and who they lobby and for whom
-Create a NBApedia, Baseballpedia or Soccerpedia. Show data and
connections about team owners, team managers, players, all their
stats, salaries and related business
-Map links between NSA, Prism and Silicon Valley
-Keep track of foundation grants, projects that received funding, etc.

Bugs, ideas and contributions, please open up an issue


Miguel Paz @poderopedia
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