[ddj] Rubyjournos group forming

Patrick Maynard patrickmaynard.bs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 12:49:24 UTC 2013

A bunch of us are kicking off an online group-learning experience for
reporters interested in the basics of Ruby. The group includes freelancers
alongside journalists from The Baltimore Sun, Computer World and The
Associated Press, among others. It's really a nice mix so far. Heavy
inspirational credit goes to Chris Schnaars' PythonJournos sessions a year
or two ago.

Membership is free, and we're looking to use instructional material that's
short, accessible and cheap. With only a half-dozen chapters, Jump Start
a leading contender at the moment. Please join us by signing up here:


We'll probably be starting the first section by December 2, with roughly a
section per week from there until mid-January. I hope this is of interest
to some folks on here.

Best regards,

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