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Date: 8 October 2013 12:01
Subject: Announcing Quién Manda, a data-based website untangling
relationships between Spain's public & private sector
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Dear all.

Today we release 'Quién Manda' [1] (a Spanish 'Who Rules'), Civio's
[2] most ambitious project to date. This initial launch includes a
database with over 2.500 key documented power relationships, over 100
tagged photographs and a series of lead articles untangling
relationships between Spanish public officials and private corporates.

The project's aim is to help raise awareness and drive change on the
need for officials' agenda publishing and passing lobby regulation in
Spain. The theory of change behind it combines online and offline
efforts, which have already yielded some positive initial results,
such as the first congressmen agendas being published [3].

Quién Manda will monitor hidden lobbying activities. The site (based
on open source software [4]) will help gather collaboratively pictures
of meetings and events involving high profile individuals, and
combining these pictures with official data sources, offer a thorough
and highly visual display of the relations among social, political and
economic elites, as well as an open repository of graphical evidence
for journalists and citizens.

This project has been initially developed thanks to a grant from
Global Integrity awarded in the context of their Testing 123
Innovation Fund [5]. After the launch, a crowdfunding campaign will be
launched to raise funds in order to take Quien Manda to the next level

Civio is a civil society non-for-profit organization founded in Madrid
in December 2011. Previous projects developed include the Spanish
version of Where Does My Money Go [7] and a Freedom of Information Q&A
site –created together with Access Info Europe– [8], that we continue
to use while campaigning to get an FOI law approved in Spain. We have
also organized data-journalism seminars and training courses for
institutions, journalists, developers and big media, leveraging the
experience we have obtained building highly-focused sites on forest
fires [9], governmental pardons [10] or regularly monitoring and
scraping the country’s official gazette [11].

All and ant feedback will be more than welcome.

Best regards.


Javier de Vega
+34 650 074 421
javier at civio.es

[1]: http://quienmanda.es

[2]: http://civio.es

[3]: http://chesusyuste.wordpress.com/mi-agenda/

[4]  https://github.com/dcabo/quienmanda.es

[5]: http://innovation.globalintegrity.org/who-rules

[6]: http://goteo.org/project/quien-manda

[7]: http://dondevanmisimpuestos.es

[8]: http://tuderechoasaber.es

[9]: http://espanaenllamas.es

[10]: http://elindultometro.es

[11]: http://elboenuestrodecadadia.com


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