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Hi there, in case that some one from this list is in Rio this weekend
should join us!

Via Miguel Paz

Just in! US$ 7.000 in seed grants for best prototypes developed at Hack in

Mariano Blejman, director of the News Innovation Program for Latin
America (Pinlatam.org) and Justin Arenstein, executive committee
representative of the African Network of Centers for Investigative
Reporting (ANCIR), have announced that their organizations will pledge
US$ 7.000 in seed grants for best prototypes developed during Hack in
Rio, the hackday at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, an
event that combines the 8th Global Investigative Journalism
Conference, the annual Latin America Investigative Journalism
Conference (COLPIN), and the International Congress of ABRAJI
(Brazil’s investigative journalism association).

The Conference starts this saturday in Rio de Janeiro and the hackday
will take place on sunday (register here
Following the conference theme, Hack in Rio will be focus on advancing
quality investigative journalism using technology on the 3 tracks
before mentioned: government corruption, sports corruption and
environmental issues.

The US$ 7.000 in grants will be awarded to the best prototypes
developed at the hackday, for investigative data journalism
collaborations between African, Latinamerican and global media
partners. The micro-grants are meant to help teams build their hackday
ideas into early proofs-of-concept, which could unlock additional
funding and/or technical support. Project ideas and teams must be
added to the hackday dashboard http://hackinrio.hackdash.org

US$ 5.000 as micro-grants will be to kickstart the best project ideas
involving international collaborations with African news / data / tech
teams. These grants will be made in the name of the African Network of
Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR), underwritten by African
Media Initiative. US$ 2.000 of the micro-grants will serve the same
purpose for project ideas between international collaborations and
Latinamerican news / data / tech teams and will come from the Hackslabs.org
fund from PinLatam. Arenstein and Blejman are both Knight Fellows at
the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)

Africa related grants.
-1x US$ 2.000 seed grant
-3x US$ 1.000 seed grants
Latinamerica related.
-2x US$ 1.000 seed grants


The jury that will review the projects is integrated by:

-Brant Houston, GIJN
-Justin Arenstein, AMI
-Mariano Blejman, Pinlatam.org
-Ben Colmery, ICFJ
-Carlos Eduardo Huertas, Connectas
-Marcio Vasconcelos, Avina
-Giannina Segnini, La Nación, Costa Rica

The projects will have to be the result of the work done during the
Hack in Rio hackday. One hour before the end of the hackday, each team
will have to submit their projects for evaluation by jurors using the
submission form that will be provided to them. Juror will have one
week to review the projects and vote for each one of them. The
announcement of the seed grants will be done two weeks after the
Hackday and will be informed via IJNET.org and via email to all
hackday attendees.

In the event of a small number of Africa-specific projects or
Latinamerica-specific projects, or concerns about the viability of
project proposals, the jury may decide to award a smaller number of
higher value micro-grants. The jury also reserves the right to not
award any grants.

HACK IN RIO #hackinrio
-When: Sunday, october 13th, 2013. 9 am-7pm
-Where: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Room B1 (IAG)
-More information about the Conference: http://gijc2013.org/home/

Mariano Blejman - Knight International Journalism Fellow
International Center For Journalists
mblejman at knight.icfj.org
Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires
marianet at he.net
mob: +5491150080629
skype: jfk_knoppixxx
twitter: @blejman @supleno @cult_digital @hackshackersba
LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/97kuH9
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