[ddj] Twitter/Social Media search API/ Topsy API

Keiko Tanaka keikotweetie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 02:14:37 UTC 2013

Dear ddj experts,

I need your advice on twitter search APIs.

With two engineers, we developed trend visualization trendipity.net
<http://trendipity.net> as
a student project to analyze Japanese twitterverse/social media by
visualization using d3 word-cloud. We use otter API (now Topsy API) for
query/aggregation and Yahoo!Japan's phrase extraction API to deal with
non-European scripts which requires words separation.

Since Topsy API is commercial, we have to either monetize the service to
pay for the cost of API, or come up with other API that aggregate twitter
text/link information. Is there a good twitter search or Topsy API

The feature of trendipity.net also includes something like
twXploer<http://twxplorer.knightlab.com/about/>by the knight lab,
where words associated with the query are ranked.
Apparently, there's no social word cloud/ visualization service in Japanese
that enable what we realized at trendipity.net and I really need this for
news aggregation and analytics. I'd appreciate if you can help me find a
way to continue to aggregate/curate social media context by suggesting
alternative API or any other ways!

Thanks in advance!
Keiko Tanaka
keikotweetie at gmail.com
Twitter/skype: @witchbabe23
trend+serendipity= trendipity.net
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