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Maria elena Tanca mariaelena.tanca at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 15:05:59 UTC 2014

I am writing an article about Italian contractors...Could some of you help me to find information about them? 

Maria Elena Tanca

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Today's Topics:

   1. Re: data-driven-journalism Digest, Vol 41, Issue 3
      (robbert at fenceworks.nl)
   2. Re: Computation + Journalism Symposium 2014 (Dizen Filippos.)


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Date: Wed,  6 Aug 2014 09:39:13 +0200 (CEST)
From: robbert at fenceworks.nl
To: data-driven-journalism at lists.okfn.org
Subject: Re: [ddj] data-driven-journalism Digest, Vol 41, Issue 3
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Ik ben tot 26 augustus afwezig en heb slechts beperkte toegang tot mijn mail.
Voor dringende vragen kunt u contact opnemen met Jos Raaphorst: jos at fenceworks.nl, 06 34 73 54 24, of
Ab Muilwijk: ab at fenceworks.nl, 06 17 44 38 16

Met vriendelijke groet,
Robbert Hoeffnagel


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Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 11:45:28 +0200
From: "Dizen Filippos." <dizenfilippos at gmail.com>
To: "List about Data Driven Journalism and Open Data in Journalism."
    <data-driven-journalism at lists.okfn.org>
Subject: Re: [ddj] Computation + Journalism Symposium 2014
    <CAB77oKCZJ=ms5QAp9NEeF4yWs_dy4t2JuFNa5J3gMPqjcMZ7eQ at mail.gmail.com>
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Dear Diakopoulos,

Is it possible for the people that is not possible to
attain the event, to find the papers?

Could you also suggest on what journal do papers
concerning Computational Journalism getting

Kind Regards,

On 6 August 2014 02:33, Nicholas Diakopoulos <nicholas.diakopoulos at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Perhaps of interest to folks on this list, please see below for the call
> for papers for this year's Computation + Journalism Symposium which will
> take place in New York City at Columbia University on October 24-25.
> Details here: http://symposium2014.computation-and-journalism.com/ -
> additional pitch below. Please feel free to follow up with any questions.
> ----
> Attached you will find a poster for the third symposium on the
> interface between Computation and Journalism. We are now accepting
> submissions for papers and demonstrations--The deadline is August 29,
> 2014, with accepted papers being announced September 15, 2014.
> Why this meeting?
>    We live in a society that is increasingly dependent on data and
>    computation, a dependence that often evolves invisibly, without
>    substantial critical assessment or accountability. Far from
>    virtual, inert quantities, data and computation exert real forces
>    in the physical world, shaping and defining systems of power that
>    will play larger and larger roles in people's lives.
>    Journalists, "the explainers of last resort," need to adapt
>    responsibly?finding and creating new kinds of "stories" that
>    respond directly to this new societal condition, whether that
>    ?story? be an actual written piece, a data visualization, an API or
>    database, or even something hot off the 3D printer.
> What are we looking for?
>    Computation+Journalism is a forum for discussing the ways
>    journalism is and should be adapting in the face of the
>    quantitative turn in society. We invite the participation of a
>    broad range of thinkers, doers, and storytellers to this
>    interdisciplinary meeting, a hybridization of journalism and the
>    computing and data sciences. We want to hear from journalists with
>    an interest in, or experience in, developing new technologies or
>    applications, and from data and computer scientists working in
>    news, or storytelling broadly, and collaborating or hoping to
>    collaborate with journalistic organizations.
> Deadline for submissions: August 29, 2014
> Program Committee:
>    Lawrence Birnbaum, Northwestern University
>    Andrew DeVigal, University of Oregon
>    Scott Klein, ProPublica
>    Susan McGregor, Columbia University
>    Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Microsoft Research
>    Cheryl Phillips, Stanford University
>    Arkaitz Zubiaga, University of Warwick
>    (Additional program committee members to be added shortly)
> Organizing Committee:
>    Nicholas Diakopoulos, University of Maryland
>    Irfan Essa, Georgia Institute of Technology
>    Mark Hansen, Columbia University
> --
> Nick Diakopoulos, Ph.D.
> Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University
> nicholas.diakopoulos at gmail.com  | http://www.nickdiakopoulos.com | @
> ndiakopoulos <http://www.twitter.com/ndiakopoulos>
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