[ddj] International Communication Summit, press reservation

Giovanni Cellini g.cellini at blumm.pomilio.com
Fri Aug 29 10:16:58 UTC 2014

  Dear collegue, my name is Giovanni Cellini. I am part of the organizing
staff of the* International Communication Summit*, an international
laboratory for exploring in depth specialistic matters, a space of
discussion for communicators and among communicators, to follow innovation
and tendencies in the field through the thoughts of its most acute
interpreters. *For the second year this event will be in Brussels on 24th
of September.*

Attached you will find further info on the event and a brochure, while the
official site is

Will be among the speakers of the event *Spike Lee* and *Michael Dobbs*
(Creator of the cult television series House of Cards on institutions
politics and citizenship), the Chief of Communications of Google *Simona
Panseri,* Monsignor *Paul Tighe*, Secretary of Social Communication of
Vatican, *Yasser G. Aref*, Responsible for the IAM Project Bibliotheca
Alexandrina Alexandria, Egypt.

In case you are interested to join the event, to write about it, or to make
interviews, you can answer to this email or call me at 0039 333 2146503.

Let me know if you need further info.
Yours truly,
Giovanni Cellini
0039 3332146503
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