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Fri Jun 6 08:53:02 UTC 2014

Hi all,

In the past few months, we've been looking for datajournalists to help us
out on different projects in countries we didn't know much about. To make
it easier for everyone, we came up with the idea for a directory where
everyone interested in collaboration can indicate their skills and PGP
keys. Here's the pitch, you'll find the link to add your info below:

Journalists collect more data, in more places than ever before. While we
all know now that data is valuable, we don't all have the skills to make
sense of it. Whether a  journalist in Kiev finding a trove of paper
documents or a reporter in Algiers being given a database on a CD-ROM, you
can sometimes use help from a developer, a statistician or a designer to
get the most out of your data. Perhaps the only thing you need is context
on the specifics of the statistics office in Canberra. Or help making sense
of documents in a language you don't understand.

This is why Journalism++, a network of datajournalism agencies, wants to
build a directory of data-driven journalists. The directory lists their
skills, preferred location and PGP key in an easy to use format. When faced
with a data trove, any journalist, anywhere, can now securely reach out to
a colleague who'll help her make sense of data.

You can fill out the form here: http://bit.ly/ddj-directory
The directory can be found here: http://jplusplus.github.io/global-directory

The project is maintained by Journalism++ Cologne. You can reach us at
hallo at jplusplus.org.
Please help us map the global data journalists network and fill out our

With best regards,

Cosmin Cabulea

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