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Bahareh Heravi bahareh.heravi at deri.org
Sun Jun 8 11:27:52 UTC 2014

Dear all,

My team (http://hujo.deri.ie/) are working on a project on social media verification for news production. We are looking into ways to find and match various social media profiles for any given Twitter user.

To help with this, we're asking the Twitter users among you to fill out this form with your Twitter handle and the URLs for your other social media profiles (all publicly available data). This will help us test and improve our verification methods.

Many thanks,
Bahareh Heravi and Dara McHugh

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online: 


Hujo VeritaWire | Profile Entry Form

Please enter your Twitter handle and any other social media profiles that you have. Don't worry about how often you use them!
The VeritaWire project is developing source and content verification methods for the contemporary newsroom. We are collecting public social media profiles so we can test profile matching algorithms, which will help verify sources of user-generated content. VeritaWire is part of the Digital Humanities and Journalism project at Insight @NUIG. We will only access publicly available data and we will not share our data with anyone else.

For more information, see hujo.deri.ie/projects/

Please enter your Twitter handle (e.g. @myname) *

Please enter the URL for your LinkedIn profile

Please enter the URL for your Facebook profile

If you have any other social media profiles, please enter them here

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Dr. Bahareh R. Heravi
Postdoctoral Researcher
Group Leader, Digital Humanities and Journalism (http://hujo.deri.ie/)
Tel: +353 91 495339
Web: http://bahareh.net/

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