[ddj] a crowdsourcing campaing from Greece

Λένα Ξάνθη lena.xanthi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 16:49:29 UTC 2014

Dear all

We are a team of 14 young journalists from Greece, who share a common
passion about journalism and new media. We are working together since 2011
and we decided that we want to work on data journalism. In order to achieve
our goal we have to raise money and turn our website www.pints.gr into a
fully functioning platform.

We found out that the only way to do what we really wanted was a
crowdsourcing campaing. Here we are. Our campaign on Indiegogo is live and
you can find everything about us, our dreams and our first sample project
about homelessness in Athens during the recession.


We would like to ask you to support us in every possible way. Every little

Thank you for your help in advance

Eleni Xanthi
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