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Jason Thomas jason.thomas at fairfaxmedia.com.au
Tue Jun 24 23:06:57 UTC 2014

That's a solid idea.
There're also libraries that take the work out of learning d3.
C3.js has its own syntax and is simple.

On Wednesday, 25 June 2014, Joseph Cox <josephfranciscox at gmail.com> wrote:
> Great stuff as always. Thanks!
> On 24 June 2014 20:14, Phuoc Do <phuocd at vida.io> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> In my discussions, I found that Javascript is a barrier of entry for
d3.js visualization. There is so much Javascript resources out there. And
it's hard to know where to get started to learn Javascript for data
>> I've written a new tutorial series on Javascript for data visualization.
My goal is to help readers understand enough Javascript to work with d3.js.
Here are the first 2 articles. Video demos are also included:
>> Coding Visualization Tutorial 1: Variables
>> http://blog.vida.io/2014/06/23/coding-visualization-tutorial-1-variables/
>> Coding Visualization Tutorial 2: Functions
>> http://blog.vida.io/2014/06/23/coding-visualization-tutorial-2-functions/
>> I look forward to feedback and suggestion.
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> Phuoc Do
>> https://vida.io/dnprock
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